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Olivia Malloy

Thank you for considering our office for your orthodontic needs. Braces do more than just straighten teeth. Orthodontics are the art and science of creating a comfortable bite and shaping jaw and facial structures for a lifetime of excellent dental health. When you visit us, you will reach these goals with the help of Dr. Herb Dulaney and his staff, a team dedicated to excellence.

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Dulaney is a local leader in orthodontics, treating patients of all ages using modern orthodontic techniques. Our practice strives to offer the best, most efficient treatment possible, with fewer visits, shorter treatment times, and stunning results.

When you visit our office, your smile is our top priority. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve.

We are pleased to offer orthodontic consultations at no charge.

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A hyrax, or expander, is used to widen the jaw to create more room in the mouth or to correct a crossbite.

Nance/Lip Bumpers


Holding appliances are used to reserve necessary space for erupting permanent teeth after baby teeth have fallen out or been extracted. 

Carriere Motion/M2M


The Carriere Motion and M2M appliances are minimally invasive devices intended to treat class II and class III malocclusions without extractions, surgery, or traditional, obtrusive headgear. 

Damon Brackets


The Damon® System utilizes a unique type of technology to optimize the straightening process. 

AOB correction with TADs


The AOB splint, in combination with temporary anchorage devices (TADs), helps correct anterior open bites by intruding the posterior teeth. This method is an alternative to orthognathic surgery for open-bite cases.



Clear, removable appliances like Invisalign and Simpli5, which are less intrusive than braces, can often be used to fix minor problems for the appropriate candidate. 


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 Dr. Dulaney and his staff are top notch. My daughter received excellent care and knowledge of her time here with her braces experience.  She had them removed one year ago and we couldn’t be more pleased with her results. AMAZING. I became a patient May 5th of this year, I have to say, I was not looking forward to braces at my age.  Dr. Dulaney and his staff have made me as comfortable as possible and , when needed, assisted immediately with any “emergency”. They are kind and personable and my daughter and I both appreciate them all. They have a good team and recommend them to anyone and everyone, every age, shape and gender 

Dr. Dulaney and his team are thoughtful, caring, and professional. I couldn't imagine going to any other orthodontist. My smile turned out to be better than I ever expected and it's all thanks to them. 
I would highly recommend Dr. Dulaney to everyone!

-Stephanie Pankiewicz

-Sandi Addington

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Our Address

Big Rapids Location:

900 Water Tower Rd

Big Rapids, MI 49307

Fremont Location:

224 S. Weaver

Fremont, MI 49412



Monday: 8am-4pm alternating Fremont & Big Rapids

Tuesday: 8am-4pm Big Rapids

Wednesday: 8am-4pm Big Rapids

Thursday: 8am-4pm Big Rapids


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