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The Carriere Motion Appliance® is designed to create a harmonious profile by correcting a patient’s occlusion. It is used at the beginning of treatment prior to full braces. The Motion appliance corrects the bite by delivering a light, uniform force using elastics. This method limits extractions and, with good compliance, can shorten overall treatment time by several months. 

The appliance consists of a metal arm that is attached to the upper or lower teeth on one or both sides of the mouth. In class II cases, the arms are cemented to top teeth and used in combination with a clear retainer that covers the bottom teeth. In class III cases, the arms are attached to lower teeth in combination with braces on the upper teeth. 

With consistent elastic wear, the appliance is needed for approximately six months. Then the Carriere arms are removed and full braces are placed to finish correcting the bite and straightening the teeth. 

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