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Orthodontic treatment fees vary greatly depending on the severity of the orthodontic problem, the complexity of the indicated treatment, and the time needed for its successful completion.

Call our office for a free comprehensive orthodontic examination, which includes a digital x-ray and photographs, copies of which you may keep ($249 value). During this appointment, Dr. Dulaney will determine if orthodontic treatment is indeed indicated at this time and exactly what the fee will be. You are under no obligation to accept orthodontic treatment following this complimentary examination. 

Payment options, including monthly payments without interest, will be discussed. We will work with your dental insurance to get the maximum coverage that you deserve. Our goal is to work within your budget to make orthodontic treatment affordable for you. 

Our purpose is to give you a gorgeous smile while improving the health, function and longevity of your teeth. We believe teeth were meant to last a lifetime. 

Call our office today for your complimentary orthodontic consultation. We welcome second opinions. 

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