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The Damon® System utilizes a unique type of technology to optimize the straightening process. Damon® braces differ from traditional braces in a number of important ways:

•    Better facial aesthetics
•    Increased comfort
•    Reduced amount of orthodontic visits
•    Reduced need for tooth extraction
•    Reduced treatment time
•    Fantastic results

Self-ligating braces – Damon® braces are passive and completely tie-less. They reduce the amount of friction each tooth experiences by incorporating an unobtrusive sliding mechanism rather than using colored elastic ties. Not only does this mean that there is nothing for the orthodontist to “tighten,” it also means that there is less chafing on the lips and inner cheeks.

Shape-memory wires – Traditional braces require a heavy archwire to link the brackets and assert pressure on the teeth.  The Damon® System replaces this with a hi-tech, lightweight, shape-memory wire. In essence, this wire is programmed to move the teeth quickly but gently by working in conjunction with natural bodily forces. 

Healthy teeth – Damon® brackets are much smaller than traditional brackets.  They are designed to reduce plaque build-up around the brackets and make home hygiene much easier.

Clear Damon® brackets are available at our office for those looking for a more discrete option.   

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